Adam Bolivar

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(Photo by Rob Matheny)
Adam Bolivar is a weird fiction writer and Romantic poet specialising in the composition of metred and rhymed balladry, a traditional poetic form that taps into haunted undercurrents of folklore to produce spectral effects seldom found in other forms of writing.

His poetry has appeared on the pages of such publications as Black Wings of Cthulhu (PS Publishing), Spectral Realms (Hippocampus Press) and The Audient Void, and his fiction has featured in anthologies published by Chaosium and Eraserhead Press and in the Lovecraft eZine. A poem of his, “The Rime of the Eldritch Mariner,” won a Rhysling Award for long-form poetry. His collection of spectral ballads and weird Jack tales, The Lay of Old Hex, was published by Hippocampus Press, and was a finalist for the Bram Stoker Award. A new collection, Ballads for the Witching Hour, is due out from Hippocampus Press in 2021.

In addition, Adam is a marionettist and playwright, and has written and performed in ten original marionette plays performed by puppet troupes in Boston, Berkeley and Portland.

A native of gambrel-roofed Boston, Massachusetts, Adam Bolivar currently resides in the gloomy dreamlands of Portland, Oregon with his beloved wife and golden-haired son.