Adam Bolivar

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“The spectral balladry of Adam Bolivar is a refreshing adaptation of the ballads of Sir Walter Scott, Thomas Moore, and other Romantic poets who found in them an ideal vehicle for the powerful expression of weird moods and imagery. Bolivar’s flawless metre and smooth-flowing stanzas create a sense of cumulative terror and strangeness easily rivaling the best work of contemporary weird fiction writers.”

              —S. T. Joshi

Adam Marcus Bolivar was born and bred in Boston, Massachusetts, a descendant of English squires and baronets. A playwright and marionettist for the Scratch Brothers’ Prestodigital Phantasmagoria in Boston and Berkeley, Adam continued his involvement with puppetry by penning plays and performing marionette shows in Portland, Oregon, where he currently resides with his beloved wife and son.

Bolivar’s folk horror poetry and weird fiction have appeared on the pages of Black Wings of Cthulhu VI, Spectral Realms, the Lovecraft eZine, and in anthologies published by Chaosium and Eraserhead Press. A poem of his, “The Rime of the Eldritch Mariner,” won a Rhysling Award in 2017 (2nd place for a long poem). His collection of spectral ballads and weird Jack tales, The Lay of Old Hex, is forthcoming from Hippocampus Press in Autumn 2017.